Welcome to the Wild Rendez Vous !

We breed Savannah and Maine Coon cats in France, in the department 77, located 1 hour and 15 minutes away from Paris. Additionally, we offer worldwide delivery for our animals. Our breeding program promotes a perfect harmony between cats and dogs.

At The Wild Rendez-Vous, we breed two cat breeds: the Maine Coon and the high-generation F1-F2 Savannah. Our passion for animals, genetics, and reproduction began in 2018 with the creation of the animal protection association called Chacun Chat Chance. Subsequently, we decided to establish our own breeding program.

Our priority is to breed cats that are not only beautiful but also healthy, with a strong emphasis on ethical practices. To achieve this, we have the assistance of a veterinary professional, and all our dogs undergo testing for genetic diseases. At The Wild Rendez Vous, we raise our cats with seriousness and ethics, creating stimulating and enriching living spaces to provide them with the utmost comfort. They benefit from secure and high-quality indoor and outdoor spaces. In line with this philosophy, we have chosen to feed our felines with high-quality nutrition called BARF.

We believe in the extraordinary bond between humans and animals, which is why we chose to embark on breeding and make a living from our passion. Our mission is to promote love and respect for all animals while raising awareness about ethical breeding practices. We aspire to lead by example and contribute to a more compassionate and sustainable future for all living beings. We are fully committed to our cause and hope to inspire others to join us in making a difference in the lives of our most loyal friends.

Discover the breeds at the Wild Rendez-Vous !

Savannah F1 The Wild Rendez Vous


The Savannah, an exceptional and extraordinarily beautiful cat, possesses a high percentage of wild blood. It directly descends from the serval, a small African feline, and stands out for its rarity. This cat establishes a unique and deeply bonded connection with its humans. Committing to a Savannah means committing for a lifetime and creating an unbreakable bond with it.

Maine Coon The Wild Rendez Vous

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a large-sized cat often described as a "dog-like" cat. It is known for its kind and curious nature, always eager to spend time by your side. This sociable cat loves children, dogs, and other animals. It is a reliable companion that will shower you with love.

Our priority

Our priority at The Wild Rendez-Vous is to ethically raise our animals, providing them with a dignified life while respecting their needs. Additionally, we have created facilities and living spaces that comply with French regulatory standards and prioritize animal welfare. We carefully select high-quality nutrition for all our felines to offer them the best. Our cats are raised in good health and are free from genetic diseases. Furthermore, we conduct tests on all our animals because we understand the importance your future furry companion will have in your life, and we want to avoid any health issues.

We specifically chose the most beautiful lineages from Russia, the United States, Germany, and Italy to offer you prestigious and high-quality cats in France.

As for our kittens, as well as our adults at The Wild Rendez Vous, they benefit from perfect socialization. Moreover, they receive a lot of love and our full attention. From the early days of their lives, we provide them with early stimulation and proper awakening.